On stage, a trio composed of two musicians and an animated film projected on a large screen suggests a lively show on a musical as well as a visual ground. The aim is to create a strong link between these two medias : video and live music. The show is built on a successive visual presentations the effect of which is intensified with music and background sound effects.

The different visual animated presentations deals with some of our contemporary issues and questions that rise from them. The themes deal with bad feeding, consomption society, moreover the stress from the world of work. The spectator dives into a subjective environnement directly related to one's own thoughts.

The video part is composed of biro drawing sequential animated bits mixed with televisual pictures. Various sound effects recorded on a sound track are embedded through the performance. The music played on stage is some of heavy metal inspiration. The sound is voluntary rough cast, not to say raw.

Two artists, a musician and a drawer join together and formed the band "THROW UP". For more than a year, the band conceives a new multimedia show. The "A live, alive" project yields and equal part to their animated film, sound effects and live music. They strengthen the link between several branches so important to them. During their performance the two ones manage to yield the energy proper to a live concert expected from their audience and create a visual universe of their own. The whole of it is ornamented with sound designs using the large range of effects produced from eletronical instruments.


Performance Audio-Visuelle - VJ - VJing - Audio-Visual Performance